Embracing Change in Life and at Work

By Marc Vincent

As a Washington, D.C. area native, I always find the beginning of spring in this area very exciting. During a recent walk with my dog around the cherry blossom-lined Tidal Basin, I thought about how spring reminds me of change. In the past year, I have seen a lot of change in my life, as I recently graduated from a master’s program in environmental policy and joined EPA. One of my first projects at EPA was also focused on change.

I currently serve as the project lead for the National Program Manager (NPM) Guidance process. Similar to the cherry blossoms, the NPM Guidances are showcased each spring. These documents communicate how EPA will work with states and tribes to implement its environmental programs in water; air and radiation; solid waste; chemical safety and pollution prevention; and enforcement. The Guidances also provide more technical direction for our state and tribal partners to help establish work plans and strategies. Overall, these Guidances are great for those looking to learn more about different environmental areas such as climate change and find out what the Agency plans to do in FY 2014 to address these types of environmental concerns.

Over the past year, I worked closely with my colleagues from across the Agency to develop a new streamlined, consistent, and concise format for the Guidances to increase their effectiveness as tools for our states and tribes. Given the current fiscal constraints, we knew that we needed to work more efficiently and effectively with our partners to achieve the Agency’s mission – the main reason I joined EPA! To play a part in this change effort has been very fulfilling. Not only did we reduce the number of pages in the Guidances (thus saving trees), but we believe we also made them easier for states and tribes to access, review and use. They are also great for a casual read to enhance your knowledge of environmental issues!

Now, it’s time for you to tell me what you think about the draft FY 2014 NPM Guidances, which are available for comment through May 9, 2013 at http://www2.epa.gov/planandbudget/fy2014. I look forward to hearing from you, and I also highly recommend that you check out the cherry blossoms if you can!

About the author: Marc Vincent has been working in EPA’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer since 2011. He serves as the project lead for the NPM Guidance process. Marc enjoys spending time with his dog and cooking new types of food with his friends and family.

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