Export Promotion Work at Power Industry Conference

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By Marc Lemmond 

I am excited to be in Orlando, FL at POWER-GEN, the largest power generation sector trade event in the world, to help showcase EPA’s export promotion efforts by highlighting EPA analysis of environmental issues for power generation in the U.S. and around the world.

According to Environmental Business International, in 2010, the United States environmental technologies industry had $312 billion in revenue, employed 1.7 million Americans, had a trade surplus of approximately $13 billion, and included 61,000 small businesses. Because of statistics like these, we know that EPA’s work to support environmental protection around the world creates a unique opportunity for U.S. businesses and economic growth. That’s why in response to the President’s National Export Initiative (NEI), EPA has partnered with the Department of Commerce to promote exports of U.S. environmental technologies by integrating EPA’s technical analysis into broader export promotion activities.

Here at POWER-GEN, EPA experts are participating in the Department of Commerce’s International Buyer Program to help promote U.S. industry to international customers. We are doing this by meeting with power industry representatives from international markets and U.S. companies at the conference’s Global Business Center. We are also participating in training for the Department of Commerce’s Commercial Service Energy Team and presenting analysis on the importance of multi-pollutant control strategies for the power generation sector.

Throughout the conference, we will be showcasing the Environmental Solutions Exporter Portal – an on-line one-stop shop for U.S. environmental companies interested in government programs that could help support their efforts to grow abroad. The portal also connects EPA’s analysis of key global environmental issues to U.S. solutions providers in an Environmental Solutions Toolkit. Right now, the analysis focuses on groundwater remediation, municipal nutrient removal in water treatment, emissions control in large marine diesel engines, and mercury control in power plant emissions, but nitrogen oxides emissions from power plants, air emissions issues for the oil and gas industry, and non-road diesel emissions are among the new focus areas that are currently being added.
It is our hope that this work will help support the export of environmental protection goods and services, which not only means a healthier global environment but also a more productive green American economy.

For more information on EPA’s export promotion strategy or the Environmental Solutions Exporter Portal, visit

About the author: Marc Lemmond works on trade and finance issues in the Office of International and Tribal Affairs. He has extensive experience with the environmental technologies industry. Marc holds a Master’s degree in Science, Technology, and Public Policy from the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University.

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