The Vision is Green

My name is Sarah Jo Lambert and for my Girl Scout Gold Award project I built an environmental center made entirely out of green materials for kids to learn how to take care of the environment and become strong leaders in the future. It is a 100% Carbon Neutral building materials, meaning that everything that was used to create the Lorax Lodge was reduced, reused, or recycled. It is 850 sq ft in capacity and the walls are made out of Earth Co. Megablock systems. This means that the walls are just compressed earth and weighed about 1 ton each. I also created a curriculum guide so if children didn’t get the opportunity to visit the Lorax Lodge then they could study about the environment in their schools. I translated the curriculum into Spanish as well so that it could be available to more people. I also created a Green Challenge that challenges Girl Scouts around the world to implement the same ideals into their communities and lives. I did all of this over a course of two years because I love the outdoors and being in the midst of wildlife. I wanted kids to be able to experience the same passion and love for this beautiful world that I feel everyday. I hope that children will develop this same passion and zeal and have it for the rest of their lives as they learn to become future leaders of the world.

This trip to Washington, D.C., was my first trip to our capitol city, and it blew my mind. I have never felt so much awe before in my life. From the architecture to the history, I think I fell in love. Not only was meeting the President of the United States an unbelievable honor, but it was so surreal it was hard to imagine that it all really happened. I also got to visit many other amazing places. I went to the Spy Museum, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, a night tour of all of the monuments, and last but definitely not least, the Library of Congress. I got lost with my mom and my new friends and I don’t think I ever would want to be lost in any other way.

This award was very important to me because I was allowed the honor of meeting extraordinary and talented teenagers. They were just as nerdy as I was, and just as passionate about the environment and of life. I believe that everyone who was a recipient of this award, including myself, will have bright futures that will consist of making the world a better place for today’s generation, as well as generations to come. With a future generation that will soon rule the world, I feel very encouraged that tomorrow will definitely be better than today. Not that today isn’t good, but things can only improve. Thank you so much for picking me as a recipient for Region 6, I have never been so honored before in my life.

About the author: Sarah Jo Lambert is a high school student from Lubbock, TX. She recently received a Presidents Environmental Youth Award for project The Vision is Green.

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