Green Heroes Needed

By Elias Rodriguez

Could you name a few green heroes? Several that leap to mind are the Green Lantern, the Green Arrow and the Green Hornet. People who care about human health and the environment are humanity’s best hope for a sustainable planet. You might choose to peg them as Green Heroes.

I was mulling this on a recent lunch time stroll through New York City when it occurred to me that Jack Kirby, the “King of Comics,” walked many of the same streets. Born as Jacob Kurtzberg (August 28, 1917 – February 6, 1994), he was the exceptionally gifted artist who helped bring to life green, red, white and blue heroes of all shapes and sizes. Jack who? Did you ever hear of Captain America? The uncanny X-Men? The Fantastic Four?  How about an angry little green dude named, the Incredible Hulk? Yep! Jack Kirby’s extraordinary easel enabled these colorful comic book characters to inhabit the minds of generations of adoring aficionados. Continue reading

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