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EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response wants to know what we can do to better meet our goal of protecting human health and the environment. In our several decades of land cleanup, waste management, and emergency response, we’ve learned that public input is an important element of good environmental policy. We have created the OSWER Discussion Forum to enhance the dialogue between EPA and the public.

The topics for this forum are developed by EPA policy experts in response to questions and comments we have received in the course of our interactions with the public. We hope that you will choose to share your opinions and ideas with us by participating in the conversation in the comments section. EPA managers and policy experts are also encouraged to read this forum and to contribute to the dialogue.

This forum is meant to provide an informal dialogue between EPA and the public; we cannot accept official comments on proposed or final EPA rulemaking through this forum. Comments on a proposed or final rule should be submitted through

For more information about posting comments on this forum, please read our comment policy.