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April 22 is Earth Day. What are you and your neighbors doing to make your community greener, healthier and more involved in activities to promote protecting the environment all year long? How could EPA best convey information to communities to advance local recycling efforts?

2012 April 11

EPA also offers opportunities for communities to get directly involved on Earth Day – and after. To learn more, EPA offers information on Take Action on Earth Day.

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  1. John Schweizer of John W. Schweizer, P.E. permalink
    April 26, 2012

    The community that I participate in for Earth Day is my church community, Epworth UMC of Berkeley, CA. Epworth is a member of California Interfaith Power and Light– a spiritual movement for environmental sustainability and stewardship of the resources of Creation through local and political action.

    The “rubber meets the road” with Epworth’s Green Team. Epworth’s Green Team is a loosely organized group of people who are interested in exploring ways of living lightly on planet earth.

    Epworth’s Green Team promotes environmentally sustainable practices by:

    •encouraging the use of alternative transportation (on Earth Day and other Sundays — folks use our bike racks) urging people to “Give Up Gas For God”
    •encouraging use of green bins for composting at coffee hour and use of non-disposable cups
    •conserving energy and water
    •promoting sustainable purchasing practices
    •promoting local/organic food
    In recent years, the Green Team have encouraged the Epworth community to make conscious green choices through group study and participation:

    •Season of Lent: Holy Eating: 40 Days of Spiritual Practices
    •Michael Pollan’s books, Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food
    •Study sessions on using water wisely
    •Audit of Epworth’s energy use and recommending eco-friendly changes
    •Holy Eating: Bread, Bodies and Resurrection by Andrea Bieler and Luise Schottroff
    •Local Food Movement Cooking Group
    •“Tour de Epworth” Labor Day Bike Ride along the Bay

    Epworth also has a has a Google Group –
    that allows members of the group to notify others if they have a particular need, or have things that others may want that would otherwise be discarded to the trash. Some examples are:
    – A parent recently received many responses for decorations for a Hawaian theme birthday party, and didn’t have to buy throw-away decorations
    – Congregants have given away laundry detergent, charcoal briquets and many other items to persons that need them. These are items that otherwise would have been disposed down the drain or into the trash.

    For more information please see

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