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Your backyard is wild!

2012 June 29

Box turtle that doesn't feel rescued yet. June 29, 2012I had forgotten, if I ever really knew, just how orange a box turtle’s legs are.

Their shells are tremendously strong (if only enough to withstand tires…) and their claws are more gentle than they feel as first. Afterall, they need something to help them dig through the leaves and dirt to make a home.

Wild things are all around. Probably hustling as best they can to cross a road near you.

One box turtle retrieved from the road to live in the woods another day! June 29, 2012

One box turtle retrieved from the road to live in the woods another day

Look past the reason you bought citronella candles and socks (someone should invent those, you saw it here first!) and see what you can find out your doors. The National Wildlife Federation has a great program, Wildlife Watch, to track the wildlife you find. It’s a great thing for kids to do and learn from too.

What is the craziest view / angle / macro shot you can take?

Under the leaves, up in the trees there are wild things to behold. Your backyard is your environment, and it’s different than anyone else’s. Enjoy your great outdoors this weekend, and embrace the summer like never before.

Enter photos taken from 2011 through 2013 of our world, our environment as you see it.

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    December 6, 2013

    Great tips. Perhaps bring your children out with you when tending our own gardens, not just for life skills of keeping their own one day, but also to help them respect where they live, and thus to nurture instead of destroy. The garden seems to make it real to them, and to be gentle with nature.

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