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Location #8: Washington, DC

2011 July 5

What did our nation’s capitol look like in 1972? Thanks to Erik Calonius, an INTERN at EPA at the time, we have a few images of what life was like back then. One sign from the Alexandria Health Department warns citizens to avoid all contact with the Potomac River, even while scuba diving. Another image shows a jet heading into Washington D.C. National Airport. Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be coming into office for another 9 years to rename the airport!

This Independence Day if you find yourself celebrating in D.C. – lucky you – be sure to submit your photos to show the capitol today! From anywhere else around the country, send in photos of how you’re enjoying your environment this Fourth of July.

  • Location: Polluted Potomac River
    sailboat on the river MORE INFO
  • Location: Jet landing at Washington National Airport
    jet flying in low over bicyclists MORE INFO
  • Location: Reading A Newspaper in Downtown Washington
    a man reading a newspaper in a city park next to a construction site MORE INFO

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    October 3, 2011

    Good photos!

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