Sister Blog: Let’s Talk About Climate Change

Do you have a science question about Climate Change and Water? Be sure to join the first “Earth Month” Twitter chat Monday, April 8, 2013. Our expert Dr. Suzanne van Drunick, the National Program Director for EPA’s Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Research Program, will be answering your science-related questions about climate change and water.

Feel free to join us on Monday using #AskEPA, or post your questions in the comments section below for Dr. van Drunick.

Here’s more information…

(Reposted from our “It’s Our Environment” blog.)

Let’s Talk About Climate Change

By Jessica Orquina

Earth Day is coming in a few weeks, and here at EPA we celebrate Earth Month all April. Every year, we have different ways for you to engage with us online. This year, we invite you to join the conversation on climate change we’re hosting via our Twitter chats on three Monday afternoons in April. For each chat, we’ll be talking about a different environmental topic and taking your questions. Here is the schedule for our Earth Month Twitter chats:

  • April 8th 2:00pm EDT – Climate Change and Water
    Experts from our Office of Water will join us to talk about how climate change is affecting oceans, watersheds, and their aquatic ecosystems in the U.S. We will also be discussing how EPA is adapting programs that protect public health and water resources.