Get Up Close and Personal With Your River – Sojourn!

By Nancy Grundahl

Merriam-Webster defines a sojourn as “a temporary stay,” like, “We enjoyed a week-long sojourn on the river.”

Never been?  Now is the right time of the year. River sojourns are usually May through September in the northeast. Many environmental and watershed groups around the country are sponsoring sojourns to help people connect with their rivers, to see them up close and personal, to appreciate their importance and  understand their challenges.

Go for a day. Go for a week. Start from the headwaters and kayak downstream. No experience necessary.

Participants pay a small fee.  Often meals and overnight camping are included. Here is a link to a list of sojourns for 2012 compiled by the Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers.

If you can’t make it to any of this year’s sojourns, you can do your own!  Here’s a description of the sojourn-worthy Potomac River Trail, and here are some ideas for sojourns in the Mid-Atlantic region and around the country

There are countless ways to recreate on, in, or near our waters this summer.  Have a great time rolling on the river!

And if you do, please send us some photos. Go to our State of the Environment Photography Project on Flickr.  Share your fun! And we’ll be sharing some of your photos on the blog during the summer months.

About the author: Nancy Grundahl has worked for the Philadelphia office of EPA since the mid-80’s. Nancy believes in looking at environmental problems in a holistic, multi-media way and is a strong advocate of preventing pollution instead of dealing with it after it has been created. Nancy likes to garden and during the growing season brings flowers into the office. Nancy also writes for the EPA “It’s Our Environment” blog.