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By: Kellen Marshall Wed, 16 Jan 2013 18:15:04 +0000 Thank you so much for this article. How we think about “ecological equity” is going to be an ongoing discussion requiring people to be extremely thoughtful about the development of lands for people and nature. Climate risk zones within cities, especially communities near waterbodies will face most immediate danger in the event of flood event. Similarly a few years ago Chicago experienced a major storm causing severe flooding in some communities and not others. Areas of the city were considered a disaster zone. I myself was flooded out of my basement apartment on the south side of Chicago I jokingly called myself an “urban climate refugee”. What was interesting is that we don’t conceive environmental equity in terms of landscapes of risk to threats such as flooding or the urban heat island effect and more allusive in terms of the quality of services nature may provide for people in some parts of the city (industrial coridoors) vs other areas (suburbs not near industry). As EPA continues to connect environmental quality to equity we will be setting a global foundation for being the leader in advancing policies that protect people and the sustainability/integrity of our lands and natural resources for the productivity of ALL of our great nations citizens.
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