Home, Sweet WaterSense-Labeled Home!

By Elona Myftaraj

Here in the U.S., the U.S. General Accounting Office estimates that by 2013 over 36 states will face water shortages.  So, WaterSense, a voluntary partnership program led by the  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been trying to improve water efficiency in new as well as existing homes.

In 2008, WaterSense launched the new homes program to reduce residential water use (a large portion of the total water use in the United States) both indoors and outdoors in new homes when they are built. With the WaterSense certification, houses can start off on the right foot and conserve water from the get-go, rather than going through more expensive retrofits later.

Compared with conventional design, WaterSense homes can save more than 10,000 gallons of household water use per year.  And these are relatively minor changes, like WaterSense toilets and faucets, and Energy Star appliances… nothing as extreme as being without indoor plumbing.  Find out more about what constitutes a WaterSense-certified home by checking out the specs here. Saving water does not have to be a painful process.  Simply choosing WaterSense labeled products instead of conventional models, fixing leaks, and avoiding peak water use periods helps a great deal.

If your family is thinking of investing in a new home, consider WaterSense in your plans!  Use this search tool to find builders that are WaterSense partners in your state.  Not planning on building a new house at the moment?  Learn how to make your existing home more water efficient.  Wherever you live, share the steps you are taking to be more water efficient in your home in the comments section!