Sensing Water’s Worth

worthofwaterBy Elona Myftaraj

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created the WaterSense program in preparation for the future to address the issue of water conservation. WaterSense is a partnership program by the EPA to protect the future of the nation’s water supply, by promoting water efficiency and showing people simple ways to use less water with water efficient products, new homes, and services. WaterSense labeled products cover a variety of brands and models of bathroom sinks, kitchen faucets, toilets, flushing urinals, and showerheads that use much less water than conventional models.  And they’re available at stores near you, in the Mid-Atlantic Region and beyond!

Services like professional landscape irrigation can also bear the WaterSense label, if the individual performing them has been verified as proficient in water efficient irrigation design, installation, and maintenance.  What other water-based services can you think of that could be WaterSense labeled?

The WaterSense program has had great successes in water, energy, and dollar savings so far.  EPA estimates that if the approximately 587,600 new homes that were built in the U.S. last year had met WaterSense criteria, five billion gallons of water and more than $50 million in utility bills would have been saved annually.  Do you have any WaterSense labeled products in your house?  You can calculate how much you would save if you did. Hopefully in a brighter future, programs like WaterSense can be implemented in areas and homes all around the world.

The WaterSense program is working hard to make sure that our future includes clean water, but something this complex can not be done alone.  Please tell us something you’re doing to save water.  Got a good idea?  We’d love to know about it.