Fix a Leak Week March 14-20, 2011

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Fix a Leak Week March 14-20, 2011

March 14-20, 2011 is the 3rd annual Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program’s “Fix a Leak Week,” a time to remind Americans to check their household plumbing for leaks.  This is a chance to be Green and save some Green!

Beat the leak!  Check.  Twist.  Replace. 

That’s all it takes to start saving water around the house. Check your home for leaks.  If your water meter changes at all during a two hour period when no water is being used, you probably have a leak.  Twist and tighten your fixture connections.  Tighten fixtures with a wrench or apply pipe tape to ensure that fixture connections are sealed tight. If you can’t stop the drip, it may be time to replace your fixture.  Look for WaterSense-labeled products at a home improvement store near you. 

Did you know???

A showerhead leaking at 10 drips per minute wastes more than 500 gallons per year.  That’s enough water to wash 60 loads of dishes in your dishwasher!  Leaks can account for, on average, 10,000 gallons of water wasted in the home every year.  That’s enough to fill a backyard swimming pool!  The average household spends as much as $500 per year on its water and sewer bill. 

Be sure to look for WaterSense labeled new homes that are designed to reduce residential water use both indoors and out. WaterSense homes allow you and your family to enjoy all the comforts of home while using less water and energy and spending less money on utility bills! 

What Can YOU do???

By making just a few small changes to your daily routine, you can save water, save money, and conserve water supplies for future generations.  Be sure to look for the WaterSense symbol on toilets, showerheads and faucets.  The symbol will soon be on water softeners, pre-rinse valves, and landscape irrigation controllers.

The WaterSense symbol identifies products that not only save water and the environment without sacrificing performance.  You can not only save water, but save Money too!  Look for WaterSense-labeled products at a home improvement store near you. 

We’re For Water!

Join us and thousands of your friends and neighbors in taking simple actions to save water.  Take the “I’m for Water” pledge, and make a resolution this year to save this precious resource.   Take the pledge at:  For more information on Fix a Leak Week and the WaterSense program, go to  You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!  Make 2011 about water and take the pledge today!