My Black Friday Experience

By Denise Owens

While preparing to go shopping for Black Friday, I decided to do things differently. I brought my own bags from home to use for my purchases instead of receiving plastic bags. My girlfriends and I carpooled to the shopping mall instead of everyone driving separately.

Once we arrived at the mall I was amazed how the employers were passing out reusable bags to be used instead of using the plastic bags. As they passed out the bags, they informed the shoppers that by using these reusable bags, this will help the environment.

While shopping this past weekend I made sure I shopped green. I purchased lights to decorate my home inside and out. I was on an alert for the Energy Star Label for more reasons than one. Not only were the lights prettier it was safer for the environment. I explained to my girlfriends why I had to have Energy Star products. My girlfriend said it does not matter. Well as she shopped for a TV she asked a few questions and the first thing the salesman said was, “This is an Energy Star television” I laughed and said to her, “I told you so”.

During my shopping experience I was really pleased to find that people are really going green for the holidays.

About the author: Denise Owens has worked with the Environmental Protection Agency for over 25 years.

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