This Week in EPA Science: Thanksgiving Edition

research_recap_GI_thanksgiving-3By Kacey Fitzpatrick

Happy Thanksgiving! For this special edition of Research Recap, I asked a few of my colleagues what they’re thankful for in the field of environmental science.

Here’s what they said:

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked with the most influential environmental health institution in the world. – Thomas A. Burke, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Research and Development


I’m grateful for the incredible team of public servants I get to work with each day who ensure that we have the science needed to safeguard our planet and its people.  – Liz Blackburn, Chief of Staff


I am thankful to work with talented and motivated scientists who study air pollution measurement technologies (old and new) that help us understand our air quality. —Rachelle Duvall, Research Physical Scientist


I am thankful for the people pursuing, supporting, and communicating the science that will get us to a better future, particularly for our children.  – Rebecca Dodder, Physical Scientist


I am thankful for living in the environment where air and water are much cleaner than other parts of the world and for the opportunity to contribute my knowledge and efforts to protect our environment. – Quincy Teng, Chemist


This Thanksgiving I am thankful that I have the opportunity to improve health and the environment for my family, country, and planet. I am thankful that I interact daily with wonderful people who make me both think and laugh; people who challenge me and make me better. Finally, because I am a nerd, I am thankful for Markov Chain Monte Carlo, the Random Forest algorithm, and all the analytical chemists who make it possible for non-targeted mass spectrometry to literally change the way we see the world. —John Wambaugh, Physical Scientist


I am most thankful for life’s “Aha!” moments, “Ahhhh!” moments, and even the “Doh!” moments. They continually inspire me to keep seeking, learning, and being. —Linda Harwell, IT Specialist


I am thankful when I look up and see a beautiful, blue, smog-free summer sky.  It reminds me that our work makes a difference.  – Deborah Luecken, Chemical Engineer


I am thankful to have a fulfilling job where I am happy to come to the office every day to work with intelligent, energetic, and supportive people that are dedicated to EPA’s mission of protecting public health and the environment. —Maureen Gwinn, Toxicologist


I am thankful that I get to work with a great group of people at EPA, friends and colleagues who are diligent and work tirelessly in the interest of protecting public health and the environment. It is inspiring and a reminder of the great and impactful work that we do and one of the reasons why I joined the Agency. –Samantha Jones, Toxicologist


I am thankful for family, friends, and colleagues who make me smile and laugh every day. —Blake Schaeffer, Research Ecologist


I’m thankful our nation has an Environmental Protection Agency to help protect human health and the environment, and that I have the opportunity to work with smart, dedicated colleagues working on critical research to support the agency mission. —Marc Weber, Geographer


I’m thankful for my colleagues’ openness to learning more about the social and behavioral sciences. It’s been fun talking with natural scientists about how social and behavioral insights might contribute to or improve their work. – Elizabeth Corona, Social Scientist


I am grateful for the opportunity to work with young science graduates through EPA’s agreements with Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education and Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health.   Their research support infuses energy, a range of talents, and transdisciplinary perspectives into our programs. –Laura Jackson, Biologist


I’m thankful for the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act.  This act is a historic opportunity for the Agency to apply cutting edge scientific research to help folks make better informed chemical use decisions. And I’m ALWAYS thankful for my EPA career.  I’m proud to work here and I’m grateful for the chance to work with people who have dedicated themselves to protecting human health and the environment. —John Cowden, Biologist


I’m grateful that environmental science is able to make the world we live in a more sustainable place to live in and enjoy with those around us. I’m grateful that it shows us how we as individuals and communities may protect and restore our most cherished and valuable ecosystems. —Jason Berner, Landscape Architect


I’m thankful for my colleagues and their integrity and care for the environment. —Marisa Mazzotta, Natural Resource Economist


I’m thankful for the opportunity to inform the protection of ecosystems and all parts of society with colleagues who are passionate, inquiring, brilliant, and affable. —Ken Fritz, Ecologist


I am thankful to be part of an agency that puts the needs of future generations before that of our own as it endeavors to protect and preserve our increasingly fragile planet and its many amazing creatures. —Janice Dye, Research Biologist


I am thankful for my rolodex – contact list in Outlook.  I like to solve new problems and realize others can help.  A web of contacts can sometimes help me find a solution. —Steve Clark, Environmental Engineer


I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of the solution. EPA science is key to helping our communities and addressing our challenges. —Carole Braverman, Regional Science Liaison


About the Author: Kacey Fitzpatrick is a writer on the science communication team in EPA’s Office of Research and Development.

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