This Week in EPA Science: Thanksgiving Edition

By Kacey Fitzpatrick research_recap_GI_thanksgiving-3

Here at EPA, we are thankful for our researchers who work every day to protect our health and the health of the environment (and for giving me a lot to write about).

For this special edition of Research Recap, we’ve asked our researchers what they’re thankful for in the field of environmental science.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • I am thankful for researchers who work collaboratively and openly share data and knowledge to advance our understanding of the environment.
    Havala Pye, Physical Scientist
  • I am thankful for the many supportive, talented, and hard-working scientist and science-loving mentors and friends that I have. The effort that they put forth is allowing my kids can grow up in an area where they aren’t worried about clean air or water. Because of where they were born, they currently cannot even imagine some of the concerns that others have.
    Sherri Hunt, Assistant Center Director for EPA’s Air, Climate, and Energy research program
  • I am thankful for being able to work with a group of people who are continuously innovating when it comes to answering the most important environmental health questions; all stemming from the love of science! This desire to continuously reinvent ourselves will lead to not only protection of the environment but public health as well.
    Mehdi Hazari, Physiologist
  • I am thankful for the opportunity to work with and train outstanding students and young scientists who will be protecting human health and the environment for the next generation.
    Bill Mundy, Research Toxicologist
  • I am thankful for being surrounded by a great group of scientists and more importantly friends who love working for the EPA and making a difference in the area of emerging technologies.
    Ron Williams, Research Chemist
  • I’m truly thankful for the outstanding group of individuals that I am blessed work with every day.
    Tim Shafer, Research Toxicologist
  • I am most thankful for the power of the almighty computer and the data driven science that it enables.
    Vasu Kilaru, Physical Scientist
  • I am thankful for my colleagues’ extraordinary science to protect human health and the environment, particularly for assuring potable water and clean air throughout the nation.
    Cynthia Yund, Epidemiologist
  • I am thankful to be working at an agency that values human subjects research and that protects and respects research participants as valuable partners in the research process.
    Toby Schonfeld, EPA’s Human Subjects Research Review Official
  • I am thankful to work with the dedicated and intelligent scientists that surround me at EPA.
    Kira Lynch, Biologist
  • I am thankful to be working alongside others who know the importance of keeping our Grandmother healthy and whole so she can continue to nourish and nurture her children for generations who come after us.
    Ken Bailey, Physical Scientist
  • I’m thankful for the chance to work with so many outstanding EPA colleagues making a real difference on the toughest environmental problems we face.
    Chris Weaver, Physical Scientist
  • I’m thankful that I get to work in an organization that is making real progress towards integrating the social sciences into its research programs, and where the contributions of our growing group of social scientists are increasingly recognized as vital to the advancement of our mission.
    Michael Nye, Sociologist
  • I am thankful for long-term environmental monitoring programs (and that scientists who keep them going) because they are so important to help us understand how our environment is changing.
    Joel Hoffman, Research Biologist
  • I am thankful for working at a regulatory agency in which science matters!
    Cecilia Tan, Research Physical Scientist
  • For a contribution toward a sustainable society, I am most grateful to work for EPA, a well-respected organization that gives scientists like myself the mandate and support to protect the environment and human health.  Many times we are compelled by the need for effective and practical solutions to think out-of-box and build our solutions on a solid scientific and technological foundation.  This makes the job challenging and exciting.
    Jeff Yang, Physical Scientist
  • This holiday I’m most thankful for being able to contribute to our understanding of human exposure to environmental pathogens by developing and applying a multiplex immunoassay using antibodies in human saliva samples as biomarkers of exposure. Saliva collection is non-invasive and easy and we now have the ability to measure multiple analytes simultaneously in very small volumes of saliva in a short period of time. Potentially, the data obtained can be used to develop risk assessment models, as well as to help epidemiologists design better health effects studies.
    Jason Augustine, Research Microbiologist
  • This Thanksgiving week I’m reflecting on environmental advances that will provide a cleaner, greener, and healthier future. I am grateful for the great strides in recycling, the increase in electric cars, wind and solar energy.  I am most grateful for the great group of people I get to work with and the research I perform to find solutions and ensure sustainable materials management.
    Diana Bless, Chemical Engineer
  • I am thankful for having sufficient resources to do the job of analyzing environmental information to determine its effect on people and communities. I am also thankful for having colleagues who are great to work with and who are true professionals.
    Eric Hall, Physical Scientist


About the Author: Kacey Fitzpatrick is a student contractor and writer working with the science communication team in EPA’s Office of Research and Development.

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