This Week in EPA Science

By Kacey Fitzpatrick

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April 18 marks the start of National Park Week and you can visit any of America’s National Parks for free this weekend! But before you get outside to enjoy the spring weather and the great outdoors, be sure to catch up on the latest EPA science.

Here’s what we’re highlighting this week.

  • Arrested (Watershed) Development
    In areas urban areas, a lot of rain water doesn’t get absorbed. Instead, it flows across the watershed, picking up pollutants and nutrients as it goes. EPA scientists helped address the growing concern for these pollutants by testing the waters in streams throughout the northeastern United States.
    Read more about their research in the blog It’s Arrested Urban Watershed Development
  • The White House Announces Actions to Protect Communities from the Impacts of Climate Change
    As part of the Administration’s overall effort to combat climate change and protect human health, the White House announced a series of actions to support improved understanding, communications, and reduce health impacts of climate change. EPA’s Village Green stations were specifically mentioned for “Improving Air Quality Data.” The efforts of the Challenging Nutrients Coalition, which launched the Visualizing Nutrients Challenge, were also highlighted in this announcement.
    Read the full announcement from the White House in this fact sheet.
  • Meet some of EPA’s amazing researchers
    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an environmental scientist? If so, check out these great videos that give an inside look at what EPA Ecologist Robyn Conmy and EPA Biologist Joe Ebersole do in the lab.
    Watch the videos on EPA’s YouTube Channel here:
    Faces of EPA: Robyn Conmy
    Faces of EPA: Joe Ebersole

Coming up next week:

  • Earth Day Seminar on Mega Trends
    April 22nd from 3 to 5 pm
    EPA is partnering with the World Environment Center and the Wilson Center to host an Earth Day seminar on Mega Trends — long term trends that will have the most profound impacts on society. Panelists will share their views on such topics as: projected trends and impacts from climate change; extreme weather; urban growth; and energy, land, and water use.
    Find out more about the event and how to attend in the blog Creating “Years of Sustainable Development”

If you have any comments or questions about what I share or about the week’s events, please submit them below in the comments section!

About the Author: Kacey Fitzpatrick is a student contractor and writer working with the science communication team in EPA’s Office of Research and Development.

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