Celebrate National Ceiling Fan Day, and Save Money, Energy, and Protect the Climate! (NCFD)

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By: Alexander Ostrovsky, Esq

Happy Ceiling Fan Day! Never heard of it? Well, last year the ceiling fan company I work for partnered withceiling fan manufacturers from across the country, the American Lighting Association (ALA), ENERGY STAR, and several leading energy conservation groups to celebrate the first ever National Ceiling Fan Day. The purpose was to educate people about the energy and money saving qualities of fans—and it was a great success. This year we are celebrating again, to show people across the nation how using fans properly could save millions of kilowatts of energy. Are you ready to join in? Below are a few ‘fan facts’ to consider while celebrating NCFD:

  • Swap your existing fans with newer more efficient models: With the advent of Direct Current (DC) motors (which use up to 70% less electricity) and LED light kits, ceiling fans have become much more efficient than in years past. It may be time to retire your brass artifact for a newer more efficient model. Look at ENERGY STAR’s website for more information.
  • Fans are inexpensive to operate: If used properly, fans can cost as little as $12.00 – $20.00 a year to operate. The average home air-conditioning system costs up to $1,200 per year to operate. Help protect the climate while protecting your pocket book.
  • Use fans only when someone is in a room: Remember when your parents told you to turn off the lights when you leave a room? Get in the habit of turning off ceiling fans when you leave a room. Fans have no effect on the actual temperature in the room; they only have a cooling effect on your skin.
  • Use your fans in conjunction with your air conditioner: When you’ve come in from a hot day outdoors, it’s tempting to turn down your air conditioning (A/C) several degrees to cool off. Instead, try turning on your fan and in a few minutes, your body temperature will cool down. When you cool down, then change your A/C setting and still feel comfortable.
  • Fans can be used year round: Did you know that you can lower your heating bill if you use your fan in the winter? If you simply have fans on as they are in the summer, you won’t be doing yourself any favors. Check your ceiling fans for a reverse switch to run your fan clockwise, saving you money in the winter.

About the Author: Alexander Ostrovsky, Esq. works in Business Development at Fanimation, a ceiling fan manufacturer. He works on issues related to sales, marketing, and legal affairs. Alexander is passionate about advocating for the ceiling fan industry and the energy efficiency of fans.


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