Consumer Product Companies Leading the Way to Greener Products

Getting a tour of Earth Friendly Products in Southern California.

Getting a tour of Earth Friendly Products in Southern California.


During some recent travel, I spent time with several consumer product companies and retailers who are stepping up as  safer product leaders and innovators, advancing industry beyond the safety “floor” set by the outdated Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

In Southern California, I met with Earth Friendly Products. All their products are manufactured in the U.S. and 90% have earned the Design for the Environment (DfE) label.

I also took part in the Safer Consumer Product Summit in California followed by a visit to the Consumer Specialty Product Association (CSPA) meeting in Chicago.Then, outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I met with BerkleyGreen (Berkley Packaging Company Inc.), a family- and woman-owned DfE partner with 29 DfE-labeled products.

Many of the industry leaders and innovators I met with are partners in our Design for the Environment (DfE) Safer Product Labeling Program, and others are recognized annually with Presidential Green Chemistry Awards. These and many other companies and retailers, including Walmart and Wegmans recognize that applying sustainability practices and manufacturing  products made with safer chemicals that earn the DfE label not only meet their customers’ demands, but enhance their bottom line and improve health and the environment.

Visiting BerkleyGreen (Berkley Packaging Company Inc.) outside of Pittsburg, PA.

Visiting BerkleyGreen (Berkley Packaging Company Inc.) outside of Pittsburg, PA.

Does this mean that all other products that have not earned the DfE label are unsafe? No, but the DfE label ensures a transparent standard. With the DfE label, you know what is going into a product and that the formula is the safest for human health and the environment based on the best available science and protective criteria—above and beyond the minimum legal requirements set by existing TSCA.

Chemicals are essential to the quality of life we enjoy, but we must ensure their safety with common -sense regulations based on sound science under a statute that allows us to make more informed and protective chemical safety decisions in the United States. No matter the outcome of the TSCA reform effort, we will continue collaboration with forward thinking companies and industry leaders—such as Earth Friendly, BerkleyGreen, Walmart, Wegmans, and many others—who are developing safer chemicals, improving ingredient disclosure and working together with EPA and other partners to develop products that are safer and more sustainable today, tomorrow and over a lifetime of use.

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