Spooner Lake

By: Molly

We did and heard lots of things at Spooner Lake.  First we went on a nature walk, and we stopped for one minute to listen to some birds. Then we went on a scavenger hunt to find things in nature. Next we had a snack.

After that, we tested the lake water. We tested the temperature of the lake and it was 42 degrees F. We also tested pH level and the dissolved oxygen. The dissolved oxygen and the pH level were both an 8. That means the water is fresh and healthy.

Then, we went bird watching and my friend Denali got stung by a wasp. She had to go to the ER. We watched some coots on the lake. Coots are a type of bird.

Lastly, we ate lunch and learned about artifacts. We learned that the Washoe Indians would live in Lake Tahoe in the summer and go to a different part of Nevada in the winter.  One of their camping spots was at Spooner Lake. They have proof of it because the Washoe Indians made grinding holes in the rocks.

After that we went back to school. All in all it was a great day.

Molly is a second grader who lives in Incline Village with her parents, her brother Liam and her beloved lab Luther. Molly enjoys skiing, biking, ballet, soccer, and playing with her friends and family.

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