It’s Not Just About Litter

I’m Abby and I see plastic bags everywhere.

We can recycle them, but I don’t think that’s the solution to their environmental impact. As we pack our groceries, we need to think about the harm plastic bags have on our environment. Sure it may be hard not to use them, even I know this. It is a hard habit to break! But, I now know that these convenience items are devastating.  I saw a picture of a sea bird with a plastic bag around its neck. What kind of life could it have with a bag around its neck?

I hope my village has the choice to ban the bags and not be barred by the IL legislature’s bill SB3442, which recently passed, that allows towns, cities, and villages in Illinois to only recycle bags. That’s what my petition is about – having the choice to ban the bags. I want to teach even younger kids about the issues surrounding plastic bags and even have them pledge not to use plastic shopping bags.

My other message is that kids have power, too. A grass-roots effort can be a tool for kids who want to do the right thing. We have no other choice, as we don’t have money, political power or special interests backing us! My petition project to ban plastic bags is an example of what we kids can do. We can become our own coalition.

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