Earth Day


Every year, Earth Day is presented in our classrooms as a project and this year my class picked a theme for the entire school.

We thought long and hard about the project and what we could do to make an impact. We thought about recycling, cutting back waste, and using less energy.   Then the idea came to me. What about tree planting?  When I looked out the classroom windows, all I saw was pavement. There was pavement everywhere –the school yard, playground, sidewalks, and roads.  I could only see a handful of trees.  It only makes sense to be just to the environment by making it more GREEN.

Did you know trees should cover at least 40% of city land, but many times all we have is pavement for roads and sidewalks? It’s great to play ball on, but what about fresh air or shade during a hot summer day? Trees help fight off emissions from dirty car exhaust and shade trees save energy by cooling down open spaces.

Trees are as important to human beings as food and water are. They keep the city air cool and clean. They provide oxygen and help us conserve resources.  They keep rainwater from running off the land so that it saturates the earth. They also help control floods and hold soil in place, especially when it is dry.

So this year, we’ll be planting 10 trees for Earth Day near our school campus, which were donated by some of the town’s community council.


What about you? What does Earth Day mean to you?

Danny is a soon to be freshman in one of Peachtree City’s schools. He’s an awesome soccer player and loves driving around the family golf cart.

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