Science Wednesday: It All Starts with Science

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By Aaron Ferster

July 23rd, 2008. That was the launch of our first Science Wednesday blog.

Since then, we’ve faithfully posted Wednesday blogs and entertained hundreds of comments from readers. We’ve covered topics ranging from nanotechnology to watersheds, and from bedbugs to biodiversity.

But today marks a milestone in our science blogging efforts here at EPA. Today is the last science blog that will appear under the Science Wednesday heading.

Next week, we’ll be joining the rest of the EPA blog community as we usher in the next generation of Greenversations. Starting next Wednesday, Science Wednesday will be…(drum roll, please…) It All Starts with Science, an EPA blog about science matters (ta da!).

You’ll be able to find us at

The new titles better reflects the central role science plays here at EPA. And since we have way more science than fits into one blog per week, we are gearing up to post more frequently about our ongoing research efforts. Our new design will also have plenty of options for you to get alerts about new posts, or have them delivered right to your inbox.

Sharing stories about human health and environmental science has been a natural fit ever since EPA started its blog. That’s because everything that EPA does to meet its core mission to protect human health and the environment starts with science. EPA researchers and engineers provide the data, knowledge, and tools that form the foundation of every decision the Agency makes.

The collective impact of that work, conducted over more than 40 years, has resulted in cleaner air and water, and healthier communities across the country. Today, that work continues to protect people while advancing a more sustainable, vibrant future for us and for our children.

Almost three years ago while introducing Science Wednesday, I wrote, “there never seems to be a shortage of fascinating stories unfolding at labs and field sites wherever researchers or engineers are running experiments, gathering data, or building the next prototype.” That has certainly proved to be the case, and I look forward to continuing to share that exciting work in our new blog.

Because at EPA, It All Starts with Science.

About the author: The soon-to-be former editor of “Science Wednesday”, Aaron Ferster is the lead science writer-editor for EPA’s Office of Research and Development.

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