One Girl’s Earth Saving Mission


My name is Brooklyn. I’m your typical 4th grader and superhero.

My favorite subjects are science, math and reading.   After school, I participate in soccer, basketball and playing the drums.  There is one thing I’m most passionate about and it’s the 3 R’s – reuse, reduce and recycle. I remember them from my 2nd grade environmental club, and mostly because I notice so much litter on the ground instead of in the trash or in recycle bins. Then I read up on litter facts.  I was upset to find that it cost billions a year to clean up so I decided to do something about it. That money could be used to provide food for the needy or to help cure cancer instead.

When interviewing Atlanta’s police chief about litter violations, I was surprised to learn that a person can be fined $1000 for it. I had fun interviewing him because I felt I was just like Ms. Oprah.  Maybe someday I’ll interview the President and talk to him about educating everyone about the environment.  I also wrote a book with a superhero that was on a mission to rid the earth of trash and pollution.

I’d like to think of myself as a superhero, strengthening my powers by teaching other kids on the importance of being green. Student by day, Earth Saver Girl by night!  It’s not easy being a superhero though, especially for the environment.  There are other issues affecting our environment besides littering – pollution and endangered animals to name a few. It just never ends, I’m going to need a league of superheroes to help.

In the meantime, since kids across the country email me about how they can be involved my mom and I decided to start a nonprofit organization. Through an awareness program at local schools that includes environmental games and projects, we’re focused on teaching kids about preserving the Earth’s natural resources and how to improve the carbon footprint in their communities. Everyone counts when it comes to making our environment better and healthier. I am very proud to teach other kids about the Earth and that many of them are joining my mission. They’re developing their superhero skills too.  Soon, we’ll make a league of environmental superheroes.

My name is Brooklyn. I am 9 years old and live in Metro Atlanta. I am the author of The Adventures of Earth Saver Girl, Don’t be a Litterbug.  I am working on another book which will teach the importance of picking up your animal’s poop.

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