Green Kid Taking Action

I am 11 years old, from Fremont, CA. I am a very passionate environmentalist.
Many people wonder how I got into being an environmentalist.  I guess it is because of the way I was brought up. My mom told me that I started raising concerns about trash lying around in public places when I was four years old.

studentIt used to bother me a lot when I see kids throwing trash around school and being irresponsible about it. When I was in 2nd grade we had a class project, and I wrote a story about caring for the environment and showed that, it is the responsibility of everyone to keep their community clean. That’s when I first expressed my thoughts openly.  This story was later published as a children story book called, “Two Tales from a Kid”.

I love to read books, and my favorite subjects at school are science and math. I am always very curious. Everybody tells me that I ask too many questions. My parents’ told me that it is okay to ask questions, but, as I am growing older I need to also try to find the answers myself. I do a lot of research by reading books, internet, meeting experts, and exploring whenever I am curious about something. My parents’ take me to different places and help me find my own answers.

I often discuss about the issues I observe and share my suggestions for improving. Some people are supportive, some agree, but do not want to take action, and some just ignore.
I was advised to be more clear and specific, and list actionable items when I give any suggestions. I then started writing step by step actions that can be taken at school. It took me two years to complete my program for school. It has been reviewed by experts, and now I am piloting it, through my non-profit organization, Green Kids Now, Inc.,
I realized the process of self-learning is too time consuming and that we need a conference dedicated for children, so we could learn faster and be updated on all the latest developments, so I founded “ Green Kids Conference”.

Though I faced numerous hurdles, it is my passion and strong belief for the cause that keeps me going. I will continue in this path and become an entrepreneur and focus on bringing in solutions to the most challenging environmental issues.

Pavan is a passionate environmentalist, published author, and founder of non-profit charity organization, Green Kids Now, Inc.  He is also the founder of Green Kids Conference.

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