Are You A STAR For Energy Efficiency?

By Brittney Gordon

These days just about everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame. And in 2011, you don’t have to be a movie star to get there. With over 2 billion views per day on YouTube, it is obvious that regular, everyday people are picking up their home video cameras and sharing their world with the online universe—and people are watching. As a former TV reporter, one would think that I would be all about posting personal videos on YouTube. But I must admit, taking random videos of myself and sharing them with the world has never been my thing. I guess I don’t think I have anything that interesting to share with millions of strangers. But this summer EPA is hosting a challenge that promises to give us all a taste of stardom—with a positive purpose. It’s called the Be an ENERGY STAR Video Challenge.

Are you one of millions of Americans who make choices every day to use less energy? Using less energy means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, which helps protect our climate. This challenge is EPA’s way of thanking you and showing off the great things that you do. The hope is that by showcasing what you are doing, YOU can inspire others to change the world too.

So, what will your video feature? Are you changing out all of the lights at your home, school, church or business? Did you switch to washing clothes in cold water? We are looking for stories across the board, so pick up a camera and show us what you are doing!

This challenge is for people of all ages, so get the whole family involved. You can also feature what you are doing at your place of worship, your job or in your community. Just keep your video under 2 minutes long and upload it using the Share Your Story option. If you need a little inspiration, first click through the videos in the carousel. You will find examples from ENERGY STAR and great entries from regular people just like you.

All approved videos will be featured on Energy Star’s Change the World, and ENERGY STAR’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages. Starting September 17, 2011 we will have the online world vote for their favorite videos on Facebook and (drum roll please) those people will become the STARs of an EPA produced video released in October! We will release this video nationwide and we want it to go viral online! If you want to become one of the STARs of that video, you just need to send in an informative and unique video about your energy efficient feats. The deadline for submission is September 16, 2011.

About the author: Brittney Gordon has been a member of the communications team for the ENERGY STAR Labeling Branch since September 2010. The former television reporter manages ENERGY STAR’s social media pages.

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