Follow Up: Why Do You Keep Your Home as Cool as You Do?

About the author: Dominic Bridgers joined EPA’s Office of Public Affairs as a summer intern.

This has been an up and down summer in DC, in terms of heat. Some days the sun has been too much to bear while other days it feels as if you should take your family out to the closest park and have a picnic.

Bar Graph showing comments indicating temperature: 3 responders:65-69F; 17 responders:70-75F; 35 responders:76-80F; 10 responders: 81F or higherI collected data from the June 9th Question of the Week, “Why do you keep your home as cool (or not) as you do?” The answers really came down to being pretty even between feeling comfortable, and saving money and energy. However, I was very surprised to see how many people do not use air conditioning. Instead of using air conditioning, a lot of people prefer to use either their ceiling fans or just crack the window for a cool summer breeze!

Thanks for your time in responding to “Why do you keep your home as cool as you do?”

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