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Woodstove Emissions as Offsets

2011 August 26

(from Jill Inahara, OR DEQ)

We have an area that exceeded the PM2.5 standard but has not yet been designated as a nonattainment area. The exceedances have occurred at night in the winter time so it’s most likely due to woodstove emissions. There is a company that wants to install a cogeneration facility but cannot get all the offsets it needs from industrial sources. Do you know of any instances where states have used woodstove upgrades/changeouts to offset industrial emissions?

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  1. August 29, 2011

    We asked John Crouch of HPBA if he knew of any projects. His response follows:

    There was a project in California not too long ago. Three Mountain Power built a facility in Burney, Calif and worked with the Calif CEC and the Shasta APCD on permit details.

    Three Mt obtained regional offsets for their Operating Nox (they were to be a Nat Gas plant), but needed woodstove changeouts for PM-10 offsets. They offered $1250/unit conversion to any fuel from old woodstoves, within a set radius of the plant, which included most of the little town.

    There was also an project proposed in Oregon, years ago, which did not go forward which proposed offsets.


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