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The federal government is currently shut down.

2013 October 1

The federal government is currently shut down.

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  1. Sean Nordquist permalink
    October 1, 2013

    And the Tea Party gets what it wants. No more science. No more environmentaly responsible behavior. No more pesky regulations enforced.

    Your Tea Party GOP, ladies and gentlemen! The party of ignornace, superstition, and lies.

  2. Jamie Metts permalink
    October 2, 2013

    Unbelievable! We spend ever moment of our lives trying to survive and then the people in positions of trust and respect crush or progress by doing something i would not have thought possible. I weep for the humiliation our reputation is suffering around the world even as I type. No wonder the leaders of foreign lands think we are weak minded cows. We can not even decide on whether or not our citizens can have medical reliance. Its not hard, congress! YES! We need health care. We can not be the greatest nation in the world and have our citizens dying from preventable illness and disease.
    Congress, You simply can’t not close our government. We pay far to high of a tax for you to play such a pathetic card on the American People. Hear our Cry! Listen to reason and for GOD SAKE bring an end to your petty bickering and do what is need to maintain our freedoms our liberties.
    Have you in congress ever truly thought about anyone but yourselves? We all must answer for our choices that we make. And, right now, as American citizens who voted you all into office, I guess we are paying for ours!

  3. Teri Green permalink
    October 18, 2013

    Welcome back, we all missed you. Science is the key to America’s future. Keep up the great work on behalf of America. On behalf of Atlas Biomechanics, we appreciate you.

    Teri Green

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