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EPA is establishing this discussion forum to ensure an open and transparent process as we review 40 CFR Part 192, Uranium and Thorium Mill Tailings Standards to determine if revisions are needed. We look forward to obtaining your input on the following topics. Topics with active discussions are hyperlinked to the comment page.

As we open discussion on each of these topics, we will provide additional background information, information on related issues under review, and a hyperlink to the comment form.

Comment Policy

Before posting your thoughts, please read the Comment Policy.

While we understand there are strong feelings about uranium mining and nuclear power in general, the purpose of this forum is to discuss issues directly related to EPA’s environmental and public health standards under 40 CFR Part 192.  EPA’s responsibility is to set these standards for use by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, its Agreement States, and the Department of Energy (DOE) in writing regulations for specific types of uranium and thorium mining operations. Please remember also that these regulations do not apply to conventional open-pit (surface) or conventional underground mines.

Library of Documents

We have provided a Library of documents that contain information related to uranium mining and milling:

  • uranium extraction processes
  • environmental aspects of those processes
  • previous EPA and other federal agency studies
  • international studies

Calendar of Opportunities to Provide Input

As we move forward in our review, we will add notices to the forum’s Calendar about meetings and other opportunities for public input. Please continue to watch the calendar for more detailed information about when, where, and how to participate.

Potential Use of Information in a Docket

Please note that this discussion forum does not require the development of a docket. However, if EPA uses any information posted here for a rulemaking, we will include it in a docket developed specifically for that action. The Agency will be taking your views into consideration as it considers developing a draft regulation, so we encourage your participation.