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2009 October 5

The EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program is considering modifications and/or clarifications to TRI reporting requirements and terms that apply to metal mining operations.  Before embarking on the formal phases of a regulatory development effort, the TRI Program decided to confer with a few representatives of key stakeholder groups to gauge their levels of interest in holding further discussions regarding the issues such a rulemaking might cover, and to get a sense of the scope of issues each stakeholder group would want to discuss. In November of 2008, EPA’s TRI Program had an external facilitator solicit informally by telephone the opinions of nine representatives of three stakeholder groups. The stakeholder groups included the metal mining industry, national and grassroots environmental organizations, and technical consultants.

During these discussions, four issues related to metal mining and TRI were raised as topics for further input. These issues are described in the posts below. Share your thoughts on these posts to help us define the scope of a potential forthcoming rule. Your input may guide us as we plan for the data collection and analyses that will support development of such a rule and may help us to uncover points of potential agreement and disagreement between stakeholders.

The discussion forum will be open until 5 pm on October 30, 2009. Comments received before that time will be included in a public docket. We will provide a link to the docket once it is posted. A proposed rule may be published by early 2011.

The four issues are as follows (see below):

[Update as of 5/28/10: The four issues have been reposted above.]

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    September 23, 2009

    EPA appreciates your comments. Please direct your comments to the posts describing the issues raised by stakeholders. General comments may be directed to the post entitled “Additional Information.” The post you are currently viewing is not open to comments. Please click on the “Stakeholder Forum” banner or the “Stakeholder Forum Home” link to return to the main page.

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