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Scour Your Family Albums

2013 May 28

You just might have some Documerica-era treasures in a photo box near you. If you find something from the 1970s that’s got something to say – like Documerica did – share it with a current view to match. Take a look at this 1973 & current view taken by Nils Tonning on Flickr. This is a great contribution to State of the Environment and we look forward to what you share with us next.

Bethlehem Steel shot from Hoak’s in Hamburg, NY. Before (top) 1973, After 2010. The steam plume is a coke oven quench. ‘Steel Winds’ wind farm is on the slag bed of the former steel mill, by Nils Tonning on Flickr, May 22, 2013.

Since Earth Day 2011, it has been up to you to submit current photos that show our quality of life. Nowadays, our environmental problems may be less obvious than they were decades ago, but finding the old to match with the now, just might help. We also encourage you to challenge yourself as you walk around: what can your camera – or smartphone – show for the State of our Environment today?

This public documentary is the only time that DOCUMERICA has been revisited in the last four decades. It’s about your view of our world. No moment, no picture, is too small to be a part of this story. Share what you see with State of the Environment on Flickr.

This project is collecting current photo contributions from around the world through the end of 2013.

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