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Our Environment: Iran

2013 May 7

Our environment is the woven scenes of our world. Where one environment blends into another, is one line that could never be drawn in the sand.

Iran, Kerman, October 5, 2011 by M.Pantoufle on Flickr.

Iran, Kerman, October 5, 2011 by M.Pantoufle on Flickr.

State of the Environment is a collection of publicly shared scenes of our world; scenes that speak to our way of life and our environment. How explicitly they do so, is up to you.

Each photo you share, is another way to be a part of this global picture of our time. Our running display of featured photos, shows just the beginning of the power this collective picture holds. Each image, represents a piece of our environment today from all corners of our world.

As EPA’s modern DOCUMERICA, this is a second iteration of an unprecedented photographic documentary that you can now take part in.  So what do your surroundings have to say?

Photos taken from 2011 until the end of 2013 may be submitted to State of the Environment on Flickr. All levels of photography experience and skill are welcome.

Editor's Note: The opinions expressed in Greenversations are those of the author. They do not reflect EPA policy, endorsement, or action, and EPA does not verify the accuracy or science of the contents of the blog.

5 Responses
  1. pamela permalink
    May 7, 2013

    the first photo, is truely speculator, very beautiful colour

  2. Ian Zorn permalink
    May 8, 2013

    Very beautiful photos indeed, the Kerman photo is very calming and transcendent. Also, please visit my photo blog.
    Thank You!

  3. alex permalink
    July 19, 2013

    yes very good photo,

    if you like,you can also cheak my website for more photos

  4. malini permalink
    August 15, 2013

    each and every photos are amazing. there seems to be a life in those photos.

  5. malini permalink
    August 15, 2013

    good luck

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