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Exclusive: Michael Manheim Reflects on Documerica

2013 May 29

Back then, Documerica captured more than photographs. The vision of each photographer captured the emotions and the stories of the people that were living the challenges of the 1970s.

Here, photographer Michael Philip Manheim gives his insight to the story he hoped to tell. We were honored to have this interview opportunity and we thank him for his contributions to this historic project.

Video: Michael Manheim Reflects on Documerica

Slideshow: Michael P. Manheim Documerica set on Flickr

We hope you join our efforts to bridge Then and Now through State of the Environment.

–Jeanethe Falvey, U.S. EPA State of the Environment & DOCUMERICA project lead.

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  1. pamela permalink
    May 29, 2013

    rare insight to a quality of life, that we all want around the world, god bless america, stand up for your rights, we all have them, we just dont know what to do?
    i became a citizen of australia on tues, my life will change now forever. but i always will be a kiw first.

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