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Today’s Photo: Up a Lucky Creek

2013 April 25
During the Bear Creek Park and Shoreline Cleanup by Clean Bread and Cheese Creek April 20, 2013

During the Bear Creek Park and Shoreline Cleanup by Clean Bread and Cheese Creek April 20, 2013

Bread and Cheese Creek holds a special place in our hearts. We can’t help but share their stories of progress, because of their enthusiasm and continued effort to share the photos with State of the Environment. Just look at all the incredible work they’ve done!

On April 20 alone, this dedicated bunch had 130 volunteers tackle litter and debris in Bear Creek Park. They cleaned the shoreline in addition to the park itself. Here is what they removed in just a day:

– 4 tons of trash (567 trash bags!),
– over 2 tons of metal that will be recycled,
– 10 tires,
– 9 shopping carts,
– 9 bicycles,
– 7 plastic lawn chairs,
– 2 electric lawnmowers,
– an electric scooter,
– 1 huge rear projection TV,
– 1 55 gallon drum, an engine head,
– 1 electric roof antenna, and shockingly – more!

Their motto is “Together can make a Difference” and that is the truth! It’s an inspiring story, and this creek is lucky to have them. If you have rolled up your sleeves, gathered with others, or just gotten to work on your own – help us share your story.

If you were involved in a community cleanup event this Earth Day, share the before and after photos with State of the Environment. You’re not alone in your efforts for a better planet. Let us help you prove it!

Share your view of life and our environment today from around the world with State of the Environment on Flickr through the end of 2013. Be a part of this statement about our environment today.

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