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2013 April 3

History is found in books, touched by archaelogists, discovered by those who seek the mysteries of our past.

But who is lucky enough to converse with history? Those who ask.

Uncover untold stories from DOCUMERICA, simply by asking here. We’ll feature a question and answer each week. Be a part of history, by sharing your photos to the modern project, State of the Environment.

If you could ask DOCUMERICA a question — what would it be?

Is there a photograph that has caught your eye?

I would like to share your thoughts with the photographers and family that made this project happen, as well as bring their stories back to you.

–Jeanethe Falvey, U.S. EPA State of the Environment & DOCUMERICA project lead.

Editor's Note: The opinions expressed in Greenversations are those of the author. They do not reflect EPA policy, endorsement, or action, and EPA does not verify the accuracy or science of the contents of the blog.

One Response
  1. Arman.- permalink
    April 3, 2013

    Past, Present, And Future…… : Missing Link !

    I don’t know What is the main target of The Documerica Project.But if I am not wrong, this project has successfully described a natural life; flora, fauna,environment disasters from 1970’s until now. However,we need more than your reached:A big humanity project of Environmental Protection: Natural journey against future : Visionaries!

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