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Theme: Where does that water flow?

2013 February 15

Here’s a blast back to fifth grade: when was the last time you pondered the water cycle? We all experience precipitation or the desperate need for it, to be well aware that water comes down on us. Sometimes it even takes the form of cats and dogs.

Ever walked by rainwater gushing down the street, carrying anything it finds in its path and wondered where it would go next?

Snow Capped Rocks by Jim, February 8, 2013 White River snowshoe, Mount Hood Wilderness, Oregon

Snow Capped Rocks by Jim, February 8, 2013 White River snowshoe, Mount Hood Wilderness, Oregon

Years ago, perhaps with a number 2 pencil in hand, you scribbled the mountains and the clouds, and connected the land to the ocean with looping arrows labeled: sublimination, condensation, and even evapotranspiration.

For the next two weeks, we’re giving you an easy pop quiz. Find the water cycle in action and share a photo with us. We’ll combine the pictures that flow in through the end of February and share the big picture to kick off March. Upload your photos to Flickr, use the tag #watercycle, and share them with State of the Environment.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a hint: it’s happening everywhere.

Water is a key element of our survivial; clean water in particular. You and me, we all play a role in someone else’s raindrops.

The Water Cycle, USGS.

The Water Cycle, USGS.

Bring the kids, make it a science lesson! Check out this kid friendly diagram  by the U.S. Geological Survey, available in multiple languages.

State of the Environment on Flickr is collecting your view of our challenges and beautiful moments in our lives and environment through 2013.

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