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National Archives Exhibit: Selection Underway

2012 December 12

Hello everyone,

As this key point in time, I wanted to highlight the closing chance to have your photograph(s) be a part of the U.S. National Archives 2013 Exhibit: Searching for the Seventies, the DOCUMERICA Photography Project.

We have received a wonderful variety of ‘Then and Now‘ contributions to date, but there is still time to make the cut! Together with the Archives, we will be finalizing our selections for this portion of the exhibit by the end of next week – Thursday, December 20, 2012.

Those that have been submitted up to that point, will have the unique opportunity to be considered for the March to September of 2013, Washington, D.C. display.

I also wanted to share with you that a number of photos contributed in the overall spirit of State of the Environment will be included. We will be notifying you once our selections are final.

To participate now and for the duration of the project, simply follow the steps below.

Best wishes and we hope you enjoy the trip to match our past with the present.

-Jeanethe Falvey, State of the Environment project lead

To participate

Through 2013 enter current photos of:

– The landscapes, people, and the way of life today. Each entry is about your view of our environment where you live and travel. See worldwide submissions to date at State of the Environment on Flickr.

Find a Match!

– Match Documerica scenes today, 40 years after this incredible project was lost and found. Tell the story of change by taking your best shot from the same, or similar vantage point now. (*Be sure to let us know which image inspired your modern match).

Browse our location challenges here, or

Search the full Documerica Collection by state, landmark, year or topic with the National Archives OPA database.  You will see a search page like this. Simply type in your state or key word to get started.

Example of search results OPA Database

Documerica covered each of the 50 U.S. states, as well as select territories and international locations from 1971-1977.

The topics, places, and incidents you see as part of Documerica today were solely the result of each photographer’s dedication to have that subject matter be a part of the picture. Today, with the modern and now global effort, State of the Environment,you have a chance to do the same.

‘Then’ Documerica Photo: February, 1974 Looking North on Galena Street to the Ajax Mountain Ski Area by Ron Hoffman. ‘Now’ State of the Environment Photo: January, 2012 Documerica Location: “Ajax” Mountain by Dustin Wesley.

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