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Finding Documerica Near You

2012 August 17

Joining this documentary of our lives and environment is simple!

Through 2013 on Flickr, enter current photos of:

– The landscapes, people, and the way of life today. Each entry is about your view of our environment where you live and travel. See worldwide submissions at State of the Environment.

– Match Documerica scenes today, 40 years after this incredible project was lost and found. Tell the story of change by taking your best shot from the same, or similar vantage point now. 

Find a Match – 3 Ways!

1. Browse our location challenges;

2. Search on Flickr by typing ‘Documerica [your state] in the site search box

Search Documerica locations on Flickr

Search Documerica locations on Flickr

3. Search the full Documerica Collection housed by the National Archives. Search by state, landmark, year or topic with in the OPA database.  You will see a search page like this. Simply type in your state or key word to get started.

Example of search results OPA Database

Documerica covered each of the 50 U.S. states, as well as select territories and international locations from 1971-1977.

National Archives Exhibit March – September 2013

You could be in it! All entries are accepted through State of the Environment on Flickr. *If you are submitting a Documerica-Now photo, be sure to let us know which image inspired your modern match.

All entries, particularly matching scenes, will be considered for display during the U.S. National Archives Exhibit set for Washington D.C., March – September, 2013.

Once a week on this blog, we feature an area covered by Documerica. When it was first underway, photographers in the field were documenting what was of interest to them. The topics, places, and incidents you see as part of Documerica today were solely the result of each photographer’s dedication to have that subject matter be a part of the picture.

Today, with the modern and now global effort, State of the Environment,you have a chance to do the same.

If you have trouble finding photos, please let us know as a comment here and we will get back to you!

Enjoy, have fun, and we look forward to your contributions to this historic project.

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