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Congratulations! State of the Environment Exhibit Selections

2012 April 16

Congratulations to the following photographers whose images were selected to be in EPA’s traveling exhibit of the Documerica and State of the Environment projects! Selected entries are listed in the order as they appear in the exhibit.

Documerica Then and Now selections:

Near Logan Airport, Frankfort St., East Boston, MA, May 1973, M. Manheim;
Last House Standing, March 2012, M. Manheim.
(This image is not yet available in Flickr.)

Ajax Mountain, Aspen, CO, Feb 1974, R. Hoffman;
Ajax Mountain, Aspen, CO, Jan 2012 D. Wesley.

Recycled Earthship, Taos, NM, June 1974, D. Hiser;
New Dome Earthship, Taos, NM, Nov 2011, D. Conlin.

Rockport Harbor, MA, Feb 1973, D. Parks;
Rockport Harbor, MA, Sept 2011, M. Palmer.

State of the Environment selections:

Windmills, WA, June 2011, S. Butner;
Big Sugar, FL, D. Conlin;
Logs to China, OR, Oct 2011, W. Kelley;
Jones State Forest, TX, Feb 2011, S. Reilly;
Illinois Autumn Scene, IL, Oct 2011, P. Brayfield;
Towering Trees, CO, April 2011, B. Wagner;
Yellow in the Woods, OR, May 2011, J. Pollock.

What’s Going on up Here? Bay of Banderas, Mexico, Y. Meziere;
Windy, Antarctica, Nov 2011, B. Peterson;
Heron Swallows Fish in Plastic Bag, FL, April 2010, A. Westmoreland;
Watkins Glen, NY, Oct 2010, D. Paccagnini;
Bike to Work Day, D.C., May 2011, M. Messner.

Meadowlands Saw Mill Creek, NJ, April 2011, ‘mpgreer’ on Flickr;
Colors KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, Nov 2011, J. Snyman;
Chillin’, Brooklyn, NY, April 2011, B. Cobb;
Cape Cod National Seashore, MA, April 2011, J. Falvey;
Double Rainbow Big Bend National Park, TX, S. Reilly.

Downtown Cleveland Landscape, OH, Dec 2010, T. Davidson;
Loggerhead Turtle Tracks, Marineland, FL, June 2011, D. Conlin;
Invasive Mussels Oak Beach Lake Huron, MI, June 2011, R. Wagner;
You Missed! New York City, NY, May 2011, B. Cobb;
Offshore Oil, Santa Barbara, CA, Feb 2011, S. Davies;
Hudson River PCB Contamination, NY, Nov 2010, R. Wagner;
Langley Crossroads, NC, June 2011, C. Roberts;
Rough-skinned Newts, Willamette Valley, OR, Jan 2011, L.Thurman.

Mountain near Rawl, WV, May 2011, K. Kessinger;
Bread and Cheese Creek Cleanup, MD, Sept 2011, ‘Kharstin’ on Flickr;
Mariposa Grove Sequoia, Fish Camp, CA, June 2010, J. Tomlinson;
Endangered Hawksbill, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I., Sept 2011, G. Lasingh;
Love on Reclaimed Mine Land, Benzenette, PA, Sept 2011, C. Leaper.

Coal Cars in Denver, CO, Feb 2011, S. Davies;
Rattlesnake Mountain Arid Lands Ecological Preserve, WA, Nov 2011, S. Butner;
Lake Houston shoreline, TX, Aug 2011, ‘Lake Houston’ on Flickr;
Blood Star and Tunicates, York Harbor, ME, Nov 2011, J. Cummings;
January in Washington, D.C., Jan 2011, S. Davies;
Running into Class, Tjakastad, South Africa, April 2011, P. Brayfield;
San Francisco Sailboat, CA, Feb 2011, E. Geis;
Bombay Hook, DE, Jan 2012, C. Leaper.

The global call for photos of our lives and our environment is open through 2013. EPA and the National Archives will continue to feature photos each week for the duration of the project.

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