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Going Global with State of the Environment

2012 January 18

Surprisingly, Documerica was not entirely based in the United States. In 1973 Documerica photographer Okamoto, Yoichi R. Okamoto traveled to Munich, Germany and Vienna, Austria. This photo below is one shot of Munich’s large Fussgangerzone (pedestrian zone) that was totally traffic free. Is it still? Submit a shot today for State of the Environment!

Pedestrian square in Munich, Germany

While submissions from Germany have yet to filter in, entries for State of the Environment have come in from all corners of the globe; including Rwanda, Italy, Tanzania and Antarctica!

Where in the world are you? Share a photo of life and our environment as you see it, wherever you see it!

All of the featured photos from State of the Environment, as well as featured photos from Documerica, can be seen on Facebook

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