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Photo Theme: The Weather of 2011

2011 November 4

Been caught off guard by an October snowstorm? Send in your current photos of wind, rain, snow, and anything in between.

Our environment is everything around us; typical weather events and those that have been unexpected and extreme, no doubt leaving a greater mark on 2011.

Has the weather or a natural event impacted you this year? Submit a current photo to State of the Environment!

Check out to be prepared for weather events near you.

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One Response
  1. Diane Coccia permalink
    November 4, 2011

    Everytime it rains I get flooded with waste water from the street!The town redid the street a round nine years ago so I now get waves in front down my driveway,in my basement.I had to replace 2 furnaces ,2 hot water tanks ,the electric box,the insulation,plus my driveway is a mess and my stairs are falling apart!!

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