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Location #4: New York Harbor

2011 May 23

First one to find a scuttled punch buggy wins! Let’s hope not… Arthur Tress gave us startling photos of tires washed up on a beach and abandoned cars in Jamaica Bay, New York in the early 1970s. In his work for Documerica, he traveled and photographed the general New York Harbor area and around the JFK International Airport.

How has the state of the environment changed in that area? It’s up to you now to show us. Grab your camera and we challenge you to try and get to the same place these photos were taken decades ago. Is fishing allowed? Are the tires gone?

  • Location: Abandoned car in Jamaica Bay
    towering smooth rock cliffs with 'hole in the rock' and other signs painted on MORE INFO
  • Location: Broad Channel, Marginal Land near the JFK Airport
    dump with barbed-wire gate over a cattle grid and warning signs 'removal of material from this area prohibited' MORE INFO
  • Location: Beach near JFK Airport
    high-level view down main street with numerous buildings and vehicles MORE INFO
  • Location: “No Fishing Allowed” At Fort Tilden Army Reserve on Breezy Point south of Jamaica Bay
    high-level view down main street with numerous buildings and vehicles MORE INFO

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  1. Long Tiền Bối permalink
    September 11, 2012

    Jamaica photography is beautifull.

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