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Location #3: Chicago, Illinois

2011 May 16

Here’s your chance, Chicago! Show off the urban and natural environment that make up “The City That Works.” Your 2011 photographs of these iconic locations could be displayed next to the original Documerica photos taken in the 1970s. The city scape and grandeur of the architecture stand as a testament to Chicago’s history: a vibrant hub connecting the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes.

Whether you end up strolling some of the 20 miles of public access along Lake Michigan or past the still-magnificent Union Station, help us capture this moment in time and the state of the Chicago environment today.

  • Location: Outdoor Market at Haymarket Square
    towering smooth rock cliffs with 'hole in the rock' and other signs painted on MORE INFO
  • Location: Chicago’s Union Station
    dump with barbed-wire gate over a cattle grid and warning signs 'removal of material from this area prohibited' MORE INFO
  • Location: Sailboats Near the Lake Michigan Shoreline
    high-level view down main street with numerous buildings and vehicles MORE INFO

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