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Making Dad Energy Efficient This Father’s Day

2013 June 13
Brian Herberger

Brian Herberger

By Brian Herberger

When my wife gave me my lawnmower for Father’s Day last year, I immediately thought “thanks darling, here’s your vacuum.”  But in an effort to preserve marital accord, I decided not to rush to judgment.  After all, the box boasted the cyan blue ENERGY STAR mark—the U.S. EPA run program that my wife has devoted a significant part of her career promoting. In short, my wife knows her stuff.

While the lawnmower itself wasn’t labeled, the box said it was “Powered by an ENERGY STAR battery charging system.”  You got it—a cordless electric mower.  Mine has a 36 Volt system, which for my 5000 square foot lot means I need to charge it about every third mowing. No need to run to the gas station to fill up the canister. And perhaps because the mower isn’t full of liquid, it is very easy to push.

Did I mention that I love the way it starts? You simply turn a switch and pull back the safety bar mounted on the handle.  Gone are the days of incessant yanking on a pull cord and all of the gas and exhaust fumes. I am a convert.

Honey if you’re reading this, I noticed there are a host of power tools that also have ENERGY STAR battery chargers.  I’ve got my eye on a variable speed, compact drill with a built-in LED light.

About the author: Brian Herberger is a technology specialist for Fairfax County Public Schools (VA) and a father of two. In his spare time he enjoys landscaping and carpentry. His wife works for the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR program. 

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  1. Rick Johnston permalink
    June 14, 2013

    I have been use one for five years and love it. Light weight (does not need motor-assisted propulsion), relatively quiet. Only problem… there is no smokey exhaust to keep the bugs away. ;-) PS- All my power tools (blower, edger, trimmer, etc. are battery operated as well.

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