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Developers: Tell us what you need

2011 July 27

Are you running into roadblocks that make it hard to make an app? Maybe you can’t find a data set or a service, or you’re not sure about what the data means?  EPA is committed to helping developers use EPA data, so contact us at and we’ll help you. And if there’s red tape we’ll cut it.

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  1. Dr Jamie Cutting permalink
    August 9, 2011

    The professional enviromental testing industry lacks a standardised app for logging samples for chemical analysis at the point of collection. Maybe an app that utilises the GPS and barcode reading capabilities of iphones / android could be used to captuire information on site and send directly back to testing labs – i.e. capture time, date, location of sample and link to analytical requirements from sample containers barcode. This could all be automatically transferred back to laboratory LIMS systems, streamlining the whole process and improving data integrity – mislabled / mis read samples cost the industry millions! Such an app would be useful for contaminated land investigation / remediation validation, environmental monitoring (waters / soil & air), mining and agricultuiral testing communities. Time to set a benchmark?

    • drh permalink
      August 24, 2011

      Dr Cutting, Where have you been?

      Just “google” soil testing software, GIS, GPS. There are TONS of applications available. Digitized GPS location of grid samples, tissue samples, etc has been a staple of Precision Agronomy for at least five years and in some less accurate situations going back nearly a decade.

      The same practices and capabilities utilized in Agriculture are available in customization for nearly any industry that requires geo-located and referenced data.

      The availability and connectivity of the Android and IOS platforms is now being recognized and their capabilities successfully addressed. WIN based applications with bluetooth connected or integrated GPS have been available for ten years.

    • December 12, 2011

      Dr Cutting, my company has developed an app that seems to fit your description exactly. I would like to talk to you for a few minutes and find out more about your requirements. Please give me a call directly at (800-900-4945×401).

      Brad Eaton
      Chief Product Officer
      a la mode, inc.

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