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Ideas for Apps

2011 May 23

Here is a list of user needs regarding the environment and human health at the community and individual level. This is a sample list and is provided so developers understand these needs and could potentially make apps to address them. EPA is serving as a place for users to post their needs and various parties to create solutions. This list is not intended to be comprehensive,  so if you know about other user needs, please send them to us so others can see them. Click here for a spreadsheet of ideas for apps and associated data.

Determine if it’s OK to swim, paddle or fish in local waterways.

Determine who someone should notify if they see someone polluting the ground or water.

Identify products that have been manufactured using environmentally friendly methods.

Identify neighborhood accessibility score for areas with brownfield reuse sites.

Identify nearby recycling centers for disposing household hazardous waste.

  • TBD

Show a list of all polluted sites within 2 miles of a person’s home.

Identify accidental daily releases of toxic chemicals by facilities in a person’s neighborhood.

Compare areas that have high pollution emissions and high incidences of disease.

Project potential disease incidence or prevalence based on statistical models.

Produce a list of all available EPA grants and other funding resources for community groups and individuals.

Display a list of all permits for a specific facility.

Display the environmental regulations for which a specific facility must comply.

Determine if radiation from the nuclear reactors in Japan is affecting local air and drinking water.

Identify beach advisories or closings in nearby communities.

Display a list of  environmental pollutants or contaminants and their potential effect on children.

Show the risks from being exposed to different environmental contaminants.

Provide information about the air quality in a specific location.

Provide information on the quality of drinking water and violations of EPA drinking water regulations.

Develop a water permit dashboard that helps communities identify the required data for various types of permits.

Display location and information about a nearby body of water (similar to “find a gas station”).

Display data about a body of water or allow people to share their experiences about a body of water.

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