Watching the Wind

By Casey J. McLaughlin

Hurricane season is upon us and Isaac has been dumping vast amounts of rain along its path.  In the Midwest we might see the rain aftermath of Hurricanes but as far as I know, we don’t have any regular Hurricane Drills.  We do, however, have Tornado Drills – quick, run to the basement!  When I think of a tornado, I think of wind, wind, and more wind. August 29, 2012

In that vane (pun intended) check out the great visualization work at  The authors created a “personal art project” with surface wind data from the National Digital Forecast Database.  I often reflect on the maps I’ve made and I think they lack a certain artistry that made me love maps in the first place – hello National Geography.  This wind map, to me, is the best of both “big” data and artistic visualization.  The web map visualization presents a tremendous amount of data in an incredibly artistic way – AND ITS ZOOMABLE?

hint.frm/wind August 29, 2012

There are many more data visualization and analysis tools available.  They may have more meaningful information but I still love the majesty of the movement.  Just as a side note, NASA has a similar visualization using surface currents.  View the youtube video here:

Casey McLaughlin is a first generation Geospatial Enthusiast who has worked with EPA since 2003 as a contractor and now as the Regional GIS Lead. He currently holds the rank of #1 GISer in EPA Region 7′s Environmental Services Division.