A Home Page for the Social Media Age

By Jeffrey Levy,

Here at EPA, we know that we can’t accomplish our mission without input and participation by millions of Americans, from rural communities and suburban neighborhoods to urban centers. We also know how important our Web site is for engagement and research. On our home page, we want to help you accomplish your tasks and stay informed, while making it easy for you to connect with us through social media.

We’ve decided to make a few design changes to enable visitors like you to more easily engage with us. It’ll go live in a few weeks, but we wanted to give you a preview.

We looked at heat maps (which show us where people click the most), popular search terms, and survey answers to give us ideas about specific updates to our home page. The attached image is the result. So, what’s coming? We added several new items to help you connect:

  • The banner at the top will continue to feature some of the most popular topics, as well as the biggest announcements, to help keep you informed about what we’re doing. This new design makes it clearer what topics are included.
  • Our regional offices now have a dedicated spot to provide you with announcements relevant to specific areas of the country. You can also jump straight to a page about your state.
  • We’re telling our story using multimedia: photos and videos that share how we pursue our mission of protecting health and the environment. We plan to use these elements with the banner and social media to provide multifaceted information about our efforts.

Dedicated features will make it easy for you to find us on social media, check our latest blog post, and follow us on Twitter.
At the same time, we’ve created a new area to help you learn what you can do to address some of the most critical issues. Below that, we provide direct links to some of the topics you search for most.

Ultimately, this new home page reflects our most important goal: to work together with you to improve public health and protect the environment.

About the author: Jeffrey Levy is EPA’s Director of Web Communications. He’s been with EPA since 1993, when he joined the agency to protect the ozone layer.